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Keith-alan and Maral Hinson met back in 2002. The friendship grew, God's plan prevailed, and they were together and married in 2012. Keith-alan has a background in hosting and acting and Maral has a background in law. Their lives took a slight turn when the Lord told them to leave some things behind and open up a Dance Studio/Multi Purpose Venue called Time 2 Dance in Woodland Hills. 
Keith-alan and Maral were also highly involved at the church they attended for 10 years in North Hollywood, California. They started off as Youth Pastors during which they did high school campus ministry for 4 years and later became Associate Pastors.

During the season of faithfully serving the house of God and their pastors at the time, Purpose Place L.A. was born. 

As the calling of starting Purpose Place L.A. was developing, Keith-alan and Maral both knew without a shadow of a doubt that the ministry would launch and begin at their studio, Time 2 Dance. God definitely knows how to bring things full circle.

Keith-alan and Maral are passionate about community and family and Purpose Place L.A. is a place where:
You can find your purpose with family because family supports, family loves, family pushes, family prays, and family encourages.

Keith-alan and Maral have personally seen the power and love of Jesus in their lives and their sole purpose is to make Him known. 
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